Moishe Pipick's Rogues Gallery

The Shocking Story of Jimmy & Shana Punim Revealed!

And Wait...It Gets Worse!
The Aftermath of Serial De-nosification

The horror...

Jimmy Legs has been the perpetrator of an almost unspeakable crime. When not being watched, he has engaged in the felonious act of de-nosifying four of the rogues. From left to right, Moe, Punim, Moishe Pipick, himself and an unnamed Gund dog, seated. And...he was caught in the act of chewing Stinkey Honey's nose. Oh, the horror!

The Bears and their (ahem) "friends"
And the rest!
P Pulkah

I am P Pulkah!

P Pulkah is a new rogue accolyte. Instead of growling, he makes a noise that has been charitably described as cat-like, of course. Miriam created him. Here's the proof: See his birth certificate!
Stinky Honey

I am the biggest, but I bow to Moe.

Though Stinky Honey is the biggest of the bears, she is still subservient to Moe. Stinky Honey is Mommy's bear, when she needs her warmth.

I was named after Sid Vicious -- for good reason.

Sid was once alpha bear but was usurped by Moe in a holy war. Sid was named after "Sid Vicious," and remains true to his name.
The Cat

I am a cat. And that's that.

Though The Cat is not a bear, she acts like one. She has been known to hang out in Mommy's closet and cause mayhem when no one is watching.
Dog and Bear

Shtunkie and very sad.

Dog and Bear are identical twins, conjoined at the head. The Bear could be named Brenda. They are charter members of the Interspecies Miscegenation Organization.

The Multitude of Species Downstairs

I am a Russian immigrant.

Sabatchka was originally from Russia, but landed in Montauk Point during a storm. She's very floppy, but has teeth that can gnaw off your head. Be warned.
The Real Shmonk

a.k.a Shmonkie Numero Uno -- It's MISTER Shmonk to you.

The Real Shmonk, -- it's MISTER Shmonk to you -- is prone to exhibit himself in various states of bliss and consummation. Be careful about flying matter.

Shmonkie -- I'm cute -- what can I do?

Shmonkie has relatives too numerous to name. He is related to all the other first floor beanie babies. They all like to do what monkeys do in the zoo. Can you guess?

I may be small, but I know all.

Mousie was by far the smallest. He was stolen from Lloyd's office when he sat on his computer screen. Mousie was the mole, for he knew all. R.I.P., Mousie.

Beanie Babies, Puppets and other Riff Raff
There are more than 75 Beanie babies, puppets and other riff raff inhabiting various nooks and crannies, sofa tops and steps, and window sills and kitchen shelves. Some have even been committed to South Oaks Hospital. (They'll be released when their insurance runs out.)

There are birds and mammals, reptiles and amphibians. They are too numerous to mention, and many flatly refused to be photographed. It has been their loss, because their anonymity has led to tremendous hostility.

In Memoriam
This gallery is dedicated to Big Mike, the original alpha bear; Dashi Panda, who was chewed up by a misbehaving canine -- in the end he got his -- heh, heh; and Simon, Moe's predecessor, who got too close to a halogen light.

May they always be remembered.

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Last updated January 11, 2017