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Wanna hear me? Go my picture.
Halloo! This is me, Moishe Pipick. I am wise and very pious. I used to have a different name, which was Dougie - yeah, like Doggie. Vat stupid people who named me! Schmeck dey ver!
Ve look so vonderful the picture already
Vat a honey. So click the picture...
Shana Punim vas vonce so beautiful. She had to change her name to just Punim. Oy vey. Read vat happened mit dat ferkakteh dog! It's a shandeh...a terrible ting. And wait. It gets worse!
Our vonderful family... all togedder...Click and then take a listen...
See vat kind of bootieful babies we make...
Our gorgeous family. The yungilla in Shana's arms is Mimi, because all she vants to do is suckle, and the boychick in my arms is Schmeckie, which means "little schmeckle." Vat did you expect?
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If it's Shabbos, leave us alone...we're "resting," if you know vat I mean. Heh heh.
Updated January 10, 2017 ...
to Moishe Pipick. Vy not?