Jimmy's pictures

Pictures of Jimmy, Henry, Lucy, and Rufus from 2003 & 2004.
Rest in peace our dearest doggies. We miss you all so much.

Mouse over any picture for a description ... click on the picture to see enlargement

Jimmy and Henry at the Field 03-2004 Jimmy and Lucy chewing on a twig 11-2003 Jimmy at the fence 11-2003 Jimmy behind flowers 05-2004 Jimmy and Lucy face off 05-2004
Jimmy in our bed 05-2004 Jimmy in silhoutte 11-2003 Jimmy and Lucy - Shall we dance? 05-2004 Jimmy on the couch - the life is rough department 02-2004 Jimmy in our bed 10-2004
Jimmy on the couch 04-2004 Jimmy with dirty face 05-2004 Jimmy chasing Lucy 11-2003 Jimmy chasing squirrels 05-2004 Jimmy and Henry on ice 03-2004

Jimmy and his sleep-over buddy, Rufus

Jimmy and Rufus watching near garden 11-2004 Jimmy and Rufus face off 11-2004 Jimmy and Rufus looking through the fence 11-2004 Jimmy and Rufus with teeth bared 11-2004 Jimmy and Rufus at the fence 11-2004

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